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What’s Hot in the World of Kids Fashion?

As it is with adult clothing trends, children’s fashion trends change practically from season to season and year to year. Many parents want their children to not only dress for fashion, but also prefer clothing to be practical in comfort. For children’s clothing, parents will find that the best of both worlds will be available in 2011. This year, fashion for kids incorporates of many different styles, colors and combination’s.

Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

Fashion for kids screams the word luxury this year. Designers have shown that kids can wear clothing that is embellished and made with luxurious fabrics with a designer label. To prove this, some designers are creating whole fashion lines dedicated to kids. As it is with adult clothing, designer clothing for children with come with a hefty price-tag. While some of the cloth that will be used in kids clothes will be considered luxurious, do not expect the style also be the same. For the younger crowd, casual and comfortable styles in a more upscale fabric is hot right now.

Bringing Back the 80s

Thought the 80s clothing fad was finally over? It does not look like it will end this year. For kid’s fashion, the decade of hard rock is beginning to take shape for children in the pre-teen and under category. While black leather probably is not going to be seen too much, the culture fad will take shape in kids clothing none the less with fluorescent colors and some metallic thrown in.

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Natural Clothing

What is hot right now also includes clothing that is soft, comfortable and simple to both genders. Organic fabrics with soft colors are expected to be very popular for younger children all the way up to teen clothing.

For girls, leggings will continue to be a hot item to buy, as well as skinny jeans that are embellished on the areas around the pockets. Designers have also come out with demure clothing for girls that include bits of lace for a girly-feel. Floral prints have also found a way back into fashion for kids this year, though it is done in a small scale to add child-like innocence.

Boy’s fashion will include many of the same elements as girls clothing, yet much more toned down. Do not expect lace, however, a bit of masculine floral will not be ruled out. The vintage, or worn-in look is still hot for boys this year with some frayed seams and edges.

Source by Lucy Tomkins

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Mens Fashion – Finding the Right Style For Your Body

Tons of magazines and websites regularly bombard us with information about clothes for women and how to select the right types of dresses and so on, but few of these address issues about fashion for men. This does not mean that men don’t have much to think about when it comes to choosing clothes. In fact, there are several factors that have to be considered in selecting clothes for men, the most important of which is getting the right fit. There are several great-looking high-end clothes sold in boutiques all over the country, but even these won’t look good on you if they don’t fit your body perfectly.

On the other hand, if you find a discount pair of pants or shirt that fits just right, it can make you look much better than if you wear an ill-fitting designer outfit. To determine whether a particular item of clothing is the perfect fit, it should be able to highlight the best parts of your body while hiding your figure flaws at the same time. There are also other things to consider besides the actual fit and cut of the garment. Prints and patterns also play a huge role in enhancing your image. For instance, heavier men should definitely stay away from wearing shirts with horizontal stripes because they tend to make your stomach look much bigger than it actually is. Vertical stripes on the other hand, are quite slimming and make you look taller as well.

When you need to attend a formal event, you can still look slim by wearing pinstriped suits or pants. If you combine this with a black silk shirt underneath, you can enhance the illusion of a smaller frame while exuding an aura of class and elegance as well. There are also several types of casual clothing that can also make you look slimmer. For instance, you can try pairing a dark corduroy pants or black jeans with a dark-colored button-down shirt or a plain t-shirt. If you want to keep attention away from a rather considerable behind, you should avoid wearing double-vented jackets that have slits on the back. These will further highlight the size of your buttocks. Instead, you must go for single-vented jackets or those that have no vents.

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Many overweight men make the mistake of buying clothes that are one or two sizes bigger, believing that the loose fit will hide their excess weight. However, these large clothes only make you look much bulkier than you actually are. The other common mistake is to buy clothes that are too small, in an effort to constrict their flab and reduce their frame. Instead, this only makes it much easier to pinpoint where your fats are and they can even make you feel uncomfortable after some time. The best thing you can do is to make sure the clothes you buy fit your frame perfectly, and use patterns and colors strategically to conceal your bulges and emphasize your assets.

Source by Tommy Bland

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Fashion For Hire – For Practicality

There is a growing industry for “for rent” fashion designer items. Why not? This type of business surely fits those women who want to keep track of fashion trends without busting their budget. As most consumer and business owners claim, the fashion for hire business is an economical luxury.

Fashion expert Sam Saboura expresses that, “In today’s society, we’re obsessed with luxury items.”

Because of for-rent designer clothes, footwear, and accessories – from jewelry to purses, women can now enjoy experiencing luxurious items while paying for only a fraction of the price of the item for rent.

This is sound and practical for people who attend high-end societal gatherings, but still wish to keep off the “debt” lane. If you will simply be using that LV bag for like once or twice, better rent it from reputable for rent designer item shops. You can save a lot of bucks without compromising your fashion sense. Be careful though to check for known fashion designer shops before grabbing the next “straight-from-the-runway” accessory, so you will be assured you are only borrowing authentic brands. There are shops who might lend you with fake products and brand imitations. So be wary of these.

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Another good point for choosing to rent rather than to buy a designer item immediately is that you get to road test the product. Sure these items are pre-owned, but if they are well maintained and in top level condition, you might want to buy them eventually. Of course, you get these items at a lower cost, but authenticity of the brand remains. What’s more amazing is that, you were able to first try the item yourself. That way, you can be truly sure that it fits your whole style as a person.

Fashion for hire [] industries are promising and profitable. But the best part will always be the convenience it offers to chic and trendy women. People in this day and age want something at an instant, without compromising quality and practicality.

Source by Rianne De Leon

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Properties and Characteristics of Silk

Cultivated silk from the Bombyx mori silkworm, which is and has always been the most common type of silk used, has a number of interesting and desirable properties that have been admired for over 5,000 years.

First of all, silk takes well to dyes, both natural and synthetic, which results in colorful fabrics. Another property of silk is its soft feel, and it retains it shape well, even after having been stretched. In appearance silk has a sheen and luminosity that makes it look luxurious. Since silk production is labor intensive and costly it has often been used by royalty and people of wealth for centuries, and it has in fact sometimes become a symbol for wealth and achievement. In England, for example, when an attorney reaches a certain status and earns the honor of being a QC (for Queen’s Council), he or she is said to “take the silk”. From then on they will wear a silk gown during court proceedings. In fact silk dresses from pure English silk are normally worn in royal weddings in England, and this is a tradition that has been upheld for centuries. There are still small silk making operations located there in modern times.

Silk has the property of being a very flexible material. For example, a silk scarf can readily be pulled through a wedding ring, and it will quickly retake its original shape without a lot of wrinkling. It is light in weight, and it can be easily folded. Silk scarves are excellent for women who travel, as a lady can change her look by changing scarves and can get away with carrying fewer outfits than she normally might wear at home. In addition, silk tends to fall naturally and hangs delicately when used as clothing. This gives it an appeal over other fabrics that are more stiff and rigid. In addition, silk holds its structural integrity and will not rot. Silk is also more heat resistant than many other fabrics, including wool, for example, and is actually rather difficult to burn.

One remarkable property of silk is its high tensile strength and its fibers will not easily be torn or damaged. It is also an elastic material that can be stretched and then will recover to its original size unless stretched beyond 20-25% of its original length. It has been used in the past in making guy ropes to take advantage of this characteristic.

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Silk clothing keeps one cool in the summer, and it provides surprising warmth in the winter and is often used as an insulation layer in different types of clothing or even in sleeping bags. Silk can absorb a fairly significant amount of moisture before it feels wet.

Silk can be woven together with other fabrics in blends, and it is most often used in articles of clothing such as dresses, pants, sweaters, gowns, and shirts, for example. Silk ties for men have a look and feel that is exceptional, and many men prefer silk ties and use them almost exclusively.

For all these reasons silk has been desired for centuries. The secrets of its production were held tightly in China for over 2,000 years, but finally the knowledge and raw materials (silkworms and mulberry trees) were to be found elsewhere in the world, and many countries had a significant number of people employed in the production of silk goods. China is today the world leader in silk production, just as it was several thousand years ago. China produces over half the world’s silk, and India accounts for about a quarter of the Chinese production. India is, however, the leader in production of wild silks, that is, silk spun from species of silkworms other than B. mori which live in the wild, such as the tussah silkmoth. Silk production from these wild silkworms is much less predictable and much more difficult to control, since these insects cannot be domesticated like the B. mori. Furthermore, tussah silk is said to be somewhat more coarse than silk from B. mori. Despite the arrival of less costly synthetic fabrics like rayon and nylon, the properties and characteristics of silk account for its continued significant demand.

Source by Walt Ballenberger

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What Are the Differences Between Footless Tights and Leggings?

Footless tights and leggings, the same thing? Actually, no. Although very similar, there are some marked differences between the two, with a few of these summarized below.

Leggings are thought of as a form of trousers, which are sometimes (though not always) acceptable to wear without anything too long covering them. Footless tights, on the other hand, are exactly as they sound, tights without the feet. They should only be worn with long tops or dresses over them, at least if you want to protect your modesty. As with any tights they’ll be quite translucent, so never wear footless tights without anything to cover them up.

The difference also lies in the materials that are used to make them. Footless tights are usually made from nylon, often with Lycra added for improved comfort and fit, whereas leggings are made from a thicker cotton material. This not only explains why you need to put something on over the tights, but also means that leggings wear far better and are much more durable because of their thickness.

Leggings are not nearly as delicate as footless tights, and won’t tear or ladder under normal circumstances. You can treat them as you would any other pair of trousers you don’t have to take particular care when washing leggings or when putting them on, and they’ll invariably last a lot longer than their footless counterparts.

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Footless tights, on the other hand, are much thinner than leggings, even if they are of a high denier. This means that you will need to take much more care with them if you want to keep them at their best. You should be especially careful when putting your tights on and taking them off, particularly if you have got long nails, as you are highly likely to snag them and rip a hole in them. You should wash them in a delicate cycle using a mild detergent a gentle spin, as they won’t be able to withstand the rigors of a normal wash.

Both footless tights and leggings are popular in the fashion of today, but make sure that you choose the right one for your purpose as well as the weather. Footless tights are more suitable in the summer months because they’re thinner and cooler, whereas leggings can be more suited to winter use because they’re thicker and, subsequently, warmer. While you can get away with the shortest of outfits with both of them, bear in mind that footless tights will not be entirely opaque!

Put simply, leggings are trousers and footless tights are tights. They each have their different specifications, and although often worn interchangeably it is wise to understand the differences between them so you can choose the best one for your outfit.

Source by George McGonigal

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Women in Nylon Stockings

Nylon stockings are intimate accessories. This will look good before turning the lights out with the partner. But these things are usually worn under the skirt.

Some companies have this as part of the uniform code like nurses who work in the hospital. But many women choose to have it on because it looks good with the outfit. This is used either in the office or when wearing one of those short skirts to show off to men in a party.

Nylon stockings can either be until the ankles, a little above or below the knee. A good example could be the one from Christian Dior that is called the Thigh Highs. There are 4 sizes so this can be used for those who have small or big hips and costs $11.50 for each, which are available in only black and white.

Fredericks of Hollywood is also another brand that offers a variety of nylon stockings to customers. A good example is the two tone Cuban inspired heel stockings. It has a seam from the hips until the heel.

The only drawback is that this is only available in nude/black. There are other brands that offer this in other colors, which is worth checking out. It is available in small, medium or large and costs $12 per piece.

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Nylon stockings are not only sold in the store but also online as well. This allows men to shop for that special someone without feeling awkward of going to the lingerie department and asking the sales clerk for assistance.

Having a sample or knowing the size of the partner’s hips will be a good idea to avoid returning and exchanging it for the right one.

Given the increasing demand of nylon stockings in the market, the woman can choose from a variety of colors and styles. Some will stay up by itself but those that don’t will require the use of a garter belt that has to be hooked to the girl’s underwear.

Most of the nylon stockings sold for women are in single packs. Some brands have promotional offers that allow the customer to save a few dollars when at least three are bought instead of just one.

Both men and women should take advantage of it because even if nylon stockings last long, these things will run due to wear and tear prompting the individual to again at the regular price.

Source by Low Jeremy

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Different Bra Types Explained

For most of us chaps women’s breasts are something to be admired for their beauty. But when it comes to the lingerie that your partner needs to cover this particular part of her anatomy our eyes tend to glaze over.

If your wife tells you that she is fuller figured or plus size the fog in our minds tends to thicken.

So the next time that you are buying a bra for your wife or partner here’s a guide to some of the most popular options that you will find either in the shop or online.

Balcony Bra.

A Balcony Bra suits most body shapes and as its name suggests provides a ‘balcony’ for the breasts to be supported by and hence is quite flattering.

Can be worn with most outfits and is ideal underneath a round neck or low cut top.

Plunge Bra.

A Plunge Bra is lower at the front than a Balcony Bar and tends to push the breasts together and upwards. Hence it’s great for enhancing cleavage, which a lot of women really like.

For a plunging V neck top or a low cut top, a Plunge Bra is ideal.

Push-up Bra

The push-up bra is principally designed to give the maximum uplift and also to accentuate the cleavage.

It’s an everyday type of bra and can be worn underneath most types of clothing.

Full Coverage Bra

If your partner asks for a plus size bra she will probably want a Full Coverage Bra. This bra covers the entire breast and sits much higher on the chest and hence shows no cleavage at all.

It’s the perfect bra for the woman who has a larger breast as it is fully enclosed and gives great support. So ideal for the fuller figure.

Demi Cup Bra

Similar to a Full Coverage Bra but does not cover the whole breast. They tend to show more cleavage than a full cup bra and hence not give quite the same level of support.

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The Demi Cup Bra tends to more attractive and feminine and would probably be worn more in the evenings or for dressing up.

Moulded Cup Bra.

A bra with moulded cups has no seams. This is because they are made from one single piece of material.

This means that they are perfect for wearing underneath really thin material or any particularly close fitting garment.

Multi-way Bra.

Most women have a multi-way bra in their lingerie draw and this is because they are so flexible.

Plus size, large cup size, Teen Bras all of these can be multi-way bras.

The straps are adjusted so that it can be worn either strapless, in a halter-neck style or as a standard bra.

So this bra is ideal for halter-neck tops, strapless tops, crossover back tops or off-the-shoulder tops.

T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is the ideal Summer bra. The cups are moulded and without seams, which means that it can be worn with T-shirts or any clothing which is made from ultra-thin material.

Padded Bra.

The most popular choice of bra is a padded one. This will enhance the wearer’s natural curves and give a great shape.

A Padded Bra is incredibly comfortable to wear and can be worn under many different types of clothing. Typically will give a woman great confidence in her figure.

Sports Bra

A must have for any lingerie collection. A Sports Bra provides great support but without wire and is made from a stretchy material. This means that it is great for exercise and will move with the wearer. This is perfect for aerobics, jogging and any other active sport.

And if all else fails, just ask your wife or partner!

Source by Tony Rackham

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What Type of Underwear Fabric Is the Best?

We wear underwear everyday. Do you know anything about the underwear fabric? The type of the underwear fabric is various and each of them has its own functions. You should know something about it, which will help you buy proper underwear.

1 Cotton

Cotton has many advantages and it is popular with all kinds of people, but for those who are prone to sweat a lot, cotton briefs are not suitable for them. It is because although cotton briefs are comfortable to wear and they work best to absorb sweat, yet they can’t dry quickly and they are easy to be out of shape.

2 Lycra

Lycra is a synthetic elastic fiber that can be lengthened to 4 to 7 times of its previous length. It can’t be used alone. It should be blended with other types of natural fibers.

3 Lyter

It is a superfine natural fabric made from fern. It is as sleek as the silk and it is thin, breathable, and easy to dry. If you wear the underwear made of this fabric, you will have the feeling that you don’t wear anything because the briefs cling to your skin so well.

4 Cye-O

It is a fresh and sanitary fabric. Its most distinctive feature is that it can improve the circulation of oxygen so that it can enhance the blood circulation of the cuticular layer of the male’s genital organ.

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5 Coolmax

It can help the sweat evaporate quickly so that if you wear the underwear made of it, no sweat will be left on the surface of the skin and clothing. This fabric is light and soft and it is easy to wash. It won’t be out of shape after washing so that it needn’t to be ironed. It is the first fabric used to make sports underwear by many world-famous brands.

6 Meryl

It is soft and elastic so that it can cling to the skin well. It can absorb moisture well and block out ultraviolet rays.

7 Modal

It is the ultra-fine fiber made from the natural fiber. It, similar to cotton, has sleek texture and is comfortable to touch. It can absorb water faster than common cotton.

8 Tactel

It is a high quality fiber. It is also called Nylon. Nylon can make the fabric soft and comfortable. It can absorb moisture well, so it can create a moisture balance on your body. It is light and easy to be taken care of. You can wash it in a washing machine. It won’t lose its shape easily and it is wrinkle-resistant so that it needn’t to be ironed.

Source by Chad Swenson

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Plaid Mini Skirts For Women

As mini skirts became a staple in women’s wardrobes, the introduction of plaid fashion breathed new life to the trend. No longer a schoolgirl wear, plaid mini skirts of today are more of a fashion statement. Since mini skirts were considered a symbol of women’s liberation, the pleated plaid designs injected a more playful character to it. The creative folds seem to add more flare and life to the skirt and takes away drab impressions of its more plain counterparts.

Among the many colors of pleated plaid mini skirts, the red is one of the most attractive, though a lot of women do not find it comfortable to pull off. If you wear this piece, anyone would strongly suggest that you stay clear of the short revealing tops or navel exposing blouses. The black fishnet stockings with this skirt is also a big no-no. Unless if you’re off to a Halloween party, the get up might translate quite a negative message.

Red plaid mini skirts may be a daring piece to wear, but when worn right, would look incredibly fabulous in a woman. Pairing it with a solid color least dominant in the plaid’s pattern amazingly brings an elegant finish. It should make a lot of sense since plaid is adorned with colourful combinations, you sure wouldn’t want to look like an ornament, would you? A lighter version of the plaid design’s most abundant color seems to work great too. ‘Easy on the eye’ color like pale pink, solid white and other indistinct shades bring about a more youthful appeal. Darker solid colors, most especially black, is a more mature choice, and yields a fabulously elegant arrive. As far as footwear is concerned, going for the most simple one-color design without much details is more advised.

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From sassy to classy, it is easy to transform pleated plaids to different dimensions. What women loves more about this trend is it does not require a fortune to enjoy. These skirts are outrageously affordable. As it is readily available in majority of local fashion and clothing shops as well as online stores, picking the right mix of colors wouldn’t be much an effort.

Source by Mitchell Key

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